4th in row, Rajasthan Police to rollout Udaipur to become Rajasthan Police Mobile App based security for all vehicles

The Digital Parking mobile app is an innovative approach undertaken by Rajasthan Police to mitigate risks of vehicle thefts as well  as increase the probability of quick location and recovery of stolen vehicles, using technology.

Having introduced this concept in Dausa, among three other districts across the state, Udaipur is the fourth in line to get the benefit of this technology, which will alert the police control room of any stolen vehicle entering a public parking space.

As per information provided by the SP office in Udaipur as well as interaction with Manoj Jangid, the brain behind this app, the police control room will be made aware on real time, when a stolen vehicle enters any of the designated public parking spots across the city.

How it will work

Snehlaxmi Innovative Solutions, a Jaipur based start up headed by Manoj Jangid, has developed a Mobile App which will record the users Vehicle Number with his earlier login credentials.  Users can enter multiple vehicle numbers in their personal login.  Currently, this App, in its beta stage is being deployed across public parking lots across various districts of Rajasthan.

Parking attendants across public parking lots will capture the registration number of vehicles entering their parking lot.  This information will be relayed across all the control rooms.  Registration of stolen vehicles will be mapped in the App/Software as well.  This will allow the alert to be generated. Local police will identify the parking spot and immediately seize the vehicle as well as the user.

Spots that do not have a security guard or attendant will be having a QR code setup.  Vehicle owners can register their vehicle by scanning the QR code.

State Crime Report Bureau (SCRB) along with police control rooms across the locations will be equipped with the web based application as well as the control room version of the app.  The first phased installation across Udaipur will cover hotels, commercial blocks, industry, malls, coaching institutes, banks, schools, colleges, etc.

In the first phase implementation of this application at Dausa, over 20 vehicles were retrieved using this app.  Currently the application is being used by Rajasthan Police Cyber Cell across Jaipur, Dausa, Alwar and Bharatpur.  This application is now being implemented in Udaipur. 33 districts across Rajasthan will be equipped with this technology.

Manjo Jangid, in his interview with Udaipur Times said that the next version of the app will allow individual users to download and register their vehicles in the software.  He further said that vehicle owners should attempt to use public parking spots so that their vehicles are always safe.

APS Gopal Swarup Mewara, in his statement said that all public parking spots have been identified and work has begun on the designated locations.  Abhay Command Center has also been updated and equipped with the technology.  Vehicle thefts will be restricted after the use of this app


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